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Organization doesn’t have to be dull…


Decorative, Dry Erase, Calendars from Ala Board. 


    Beautiful         Fun         Functional     
  • Elegant Designs
  • High-Quality
  • Gorgeous Frames
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Pin events
  • Display achievements
  • Dry Erase
  • Calendar/ Message
  • Ferro Magnetic


Step #1Choose Your Style

Whether you are looking to organize your schedule or create a central place in your home for messages and announcements, Ala Boards Dry Erase Boards has you covered.  
With each calendar comes 12 magnetic months and 31 numbers that you can easily switch around in seconds.  In addition, each calendar has a space for messages, announcements or anything you want to keep you and your family organized. Our message boards feature elegant, stylish designs you can display in any room in your home.

Calendar Board

Message Board



Step # 2 Choose Your Frame

What style is your home?  You can select from a rustic, distressed black frame, a classic gold frame, a modern white frame or a traditional brown frame.Each frame is high-quality, well designed complement to the beautiful print of Ala Boards dry erase calendars and message boards.      

Brown Black Gold  White



Step #3Choose Your Print

Your Ala Board print will beautify and enhance any room in your home.  You can choose from the following exquisite prints: Contrast, Mocha, Floral, Lattice, and Tapestry.Your beautiful print will allow you to place your board in a central place in your home making it very functional and useful for your whole family.  Each print is designed to be extremely durable for you to write and erase all of your many appointments and messages month after month.  Before long you will wonder how you ever lived without your Ala Board.  

Contrast Mocha Floral Lattice Tapestry



Step #4 –  Choose Your Size

Finding a wall in your home or office to display your dry erase calendar or message board is easy because you can display it anywhere.  Choose the best size that fits your needs and complement the decor of your home. 

You can choose from x-large, large, medium, or small.  In some instances you may want a calendar next to a message board to track you and your family’s life.  Each day as you visit your board you will be happy to finally have a beautiful central place in your home as a command center for today’s busy lifestyles.

X-Large Large Medium Small
36″X 24* 24″ X 20″ 20″ X 16″ 16″ X 16″

* all sizes without frame for size with frames see below.

Total Sizes with Frames -

X- Large Large Medium Small
Brown 42.25″ X 30.25″ 26.25″ X 30.25″ 22.25″ X 26.25″ 22.25″ X 22.25″
Black 43″ X 31″ 27″ X 31″ 23″ X 27″ 23″ X 23″
Gold 42.25″ X 30.25″ N/A 22.25″ X 26.25″  N/A
White N/A N/A 21″ X 25″ 21″ X 21″



Step # 5 –  Decorate and Enjoy

Get ready to enjoy looking forward to each month’s fun and attractive decorations for your dry erase calendar or message board.  As a fun family activity, you can plan out the month and update the decor of your home.You can purchase a seasonal decoration kit or some warm inviting color kits to decorate your board.   These kits make your board a unique functional center of your home.  Don’t hide your ugly calendar in a backroom anymore, with your Ala Board dry erase calendar you can hang it in the highest traffic area of your home. 

January February March
April May/Blue June/Cream
July August September/Red
October November December

To Purchase: Dry Erase Calendar  —  Dry Erase Message Board

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