Decorative Fridge Calendar


No longer do you have to hide your calendar because it is an eye sore. Proudly display and organize your family on your fridge or other metal surfaces. Choose from ala Board's several styles that fit your taste and compliment your home.

Magnetic Fridge Calendar


Is your home completely buried in reminders? Your new fridge calendar is the perfect place to keep you organized. Conveniently place your fridge magnet on any metal surface, such as a fridge, magnet board, metal door, or filing cabinet for easy family or office access.

Dry Erase Fridge Calendar

Dry Erase

What a waste it is throwing out your calendar year after year. Your one-time purchase of an ala Board refrigerator calendar saves time, money, and mother earth. If your schedule changes you can easily erase and update your calendar, as well as take notes, make lists, or write memos.

Organizational Fridge Calendar


"Mommy you forgot this..." does this sound familiar? Your new fridge calendar can help you organize your family, track your shopping list, plan meals, and remind your family of important events. Conveniently located on your refrigerator, you will now have a central place to keep your family organized.

High Quality Fridge Calendar

High Quality

Your ala Board refrigerator calendar will last year after year because of the high quality materials used in creating each calendar. You can proudly display your decorative calendar in the center of your home or office. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


Technical Information

Shipping Information

Money Back Guarentee

The ala Board fridge calendar is a magnet. It will need to be placed on something that is able to hold magnets such a fridge, metal door, magnet board, or a metal filing cabinet. The outside dimension of the calendar is 11.5" X 11.5" Each day square is about 1.56" wide X 1.25" tall. The messaging space below is 11 wide" X 2.75" tall. We recommend Expo fine point black markers. For daily cleaning, us a soft, 100% cotton material. For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend using a dry erase cleaner. Simply spray it on and wipe it off.

We know you will love your fridge calendar! So, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with it within 30 days of receiving your calendar and wish to return it in new condition, we will refund the difference after a restocking fee of 20% is applied.

A'la Board fridge calendars are handy, convenient, and look great! They are used in many ways, including, family agendas, meal planning, birthday calendars, etc. There is even a message section below the calendar for notes, lists, and memos so that you can keep yourself and everyone else on the same page! Simply place this magnet on a magnetic surface and you are ready to go! You can write on it with a dry erase pen and wipe it off with a soft cloth or tissue. Each month you will wipe your calendar clean and start a new month with a fresh, new calendar. Our customers have been thrilled with our calendars and we know you will be too!

Your fridge calendar will be shipped to you within a few days of ordering. Most orders ship out the next day. You will receive your calendar 3 - 5 days after shipping. We will notify you when your calendar is shipped so you can look forward to your package. We currently offer a free pick up option with locations for those that are local to Murray, UT or Riverton, UT. If you choose to pick up your order, simply select the free pick up option at the time of check out. All other fridge calendars will have a shipping rate of $8.95.

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I purchased a large a'la board after seeing it on pinterest. I had always been on a search for a wall mount family calendar and had never found one I liked...until I got the a'la board! I really like that it's magnetic, dry erase AND still looks like a piece of art. The magnetic numbers and months make it super easy to update from month to month instead of having to hand write all from scratch. There is plenty of room to write all of your appointments on each day and also in margins for upcoming months. I liked mine so much, I bought an a'la board for my mother for Mother's Day and plan on purchasing another for my sister for a house warming gift.

- Brooke Grider, Ohio

I was privileged to purchase my first "a'la Board" products at a local home decor store where I used to reside. After relocating, I began a year long search via local stores and on-line for other products like what I had been fortunate to find from a'la Board, but I did not have any success. I began considering driving over 24 hours just to go and buy their products and bring them back home. The high quality magnet/dry erase boards and their elegant frames that only a'la Board offered was very worth a long drive to me. Then, I was thrilled when a'la boards products became available to order on-line. I immediately emailed all of my friends and family with the news that they could now order these beautiful, classic, very user/family friendly and wonderful decorating products in their homes. My a'la board products are some of my most favorite decor pieces in my home and I feel very blessed to have them. I very highly recommend "a'la Board" products to everyone that I can. I always receive compliments on their products in my home and I know they are built to last forever. Thank you so much, a'la Board for helping me to beautify my home and to bless others lives as well!

- Jani Jensen, Washington

The first time I saw alaBoard products was at Swiss Days a few years ago. I loved their calendars and had to have one for my kitchen! I also purchased several of the magnet assessories and I enjoy changing the look of my calendar to match any holidays or special occasions each month. I like that I can continue to change the look of my calendar because alaBoard comes out with new assessories that I can purchase online anytime. It has been so nice for my family to see the upcoming events, birthdays, holidays, and day-to-day plans in a place that can be changed and/or updated quickly. I always attach any invitations and announcements with the decorated pins and magnets that in the past have gotten lost in a stack of papers getting thrown out. The quality of my calendar is above expectations--it wipes clean each month and looks the same as when I bought it two years ago. I highly recommend alaBoard products!

- Kimberly Volk, Utah

I have had my fridge calendar for about three years and I couldn't function without it. I calendar my work schedule, all my families' birthdays for the month, appointments, lesson teaching dates, and anything I want to remember. I love mine so much I have purchased 4 or 5 others for friends of mine and two cousins. They love theirs equally as well!

- Tammie Howard, Utah

My two little boys and I starting using a'la Board calendars when their dad and I separated. It was a challenging time for all of us with ever changing schedules between the two separate homes. And while it seems crazy to say, our calendars saved our sanity. Before the calendars, my young kids felt like they were being pulled in all directions, never sure which parent they'd be spending the night with, never sure what was expected of them. The a'la Board calendars gave them visual comfort and helped them feel grounded. They came to trust that I knew what was going on and they were on the same page. We looked forward to planning our weeks together, and that helped us grow together and embrace our new situation. On top of all that, our calendars were beautiful to behold! We worked together to dress them up and displayed them prominently. Thank you, a'la Board for giving us more than we ever expected!

- Amy, New York